Site sketching to aid visualisation

This week has presented a tricky window detail to overcome, with an inward opening balcony door that runs flush with the top of the window’s recess. Our client originally wanted a layer of roller blinds or inner curtains behind the main drapes to add additional black out. With no clearance above the inward opening door, and a cornice sitting directly above the window’s architrave, the condition sets limitations of what can be achieved. I’ve used these scribbles to illustrate the possibilities to our client.

After discussion, we’ve proposed either removing a section of cornice above the window to allow for a boxed upholstered pelmet to fit to the ceiling, dropping to just above the door line and therefor hiding either tracks or roller blinds as required.
Alternatively, a single layer of lined and interlined curtains hanging from a pole with French returns has been proposed. We would achieve the additional black out required in this instance by Italian lining (interfacing) these with a black cotton Sateen. The pole’s centre bracket would be architrave fixed and have a custom projection to accommodate this.

A third possibility of a double pole (not illustrated) was discussed but ruled out early on as this would have required double cup passing brackets and ‘C’ rings, which due to the fixing positions available would have ended up with bracket arms traveling above the poles and holding the pole lines lower than desired.

The final decision on this particular window is as yet to be made, but we will keep at it until we find the right solution. #Godisinthedetail

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