Perfect frame for a perfect view

I happened upon this lovely picture, posted this morning on social media by a lovely client, and with her kind permission I can share it with you. Lovely! I am very proud of this simple but perfectly proportioned window treatment that we created for a master suite in a very special #EnglishCountryHouse. The triple scalloped flat pelmet echoes the mullion divisions, finished with a fine cord and intermediate tassels, the curtains trimmed at leading edges with a matching fan edge and held back with a larger scaled matching ropes. Day time privacy and/or sun screening is provided, as needed, by simple stiffened sheer roller blinds. All designed with #JohnFowler firmly in the back of my mind for historical (and aesthetically pleasing) reasons. Pretty as a picture. Thank you lovely client. #LetitsnowLetitsnowLetitsnow.